WE CARE ABOUT KIDS – The Mantra of our BIBs/Healthy Families Program

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The Better Indy Babies and Healthy Families’ mantra should be We Care About Kids. Over 1500 kids, both born and unborn,  hold a place in the hearts of the more than 50 home visitors and support staff in these two programs over the course of a year.  Our passion and purpose is to ensure that children are born healthy and are raised in nurturing and safe environments.  Personally, I cannot think of a more important job than the job of the home visitors who beat the streets of neighborhoods that many of us would not venture into.  Our home visitors use proven strategies and interventions for parents or parents-to-be to develop relationships with children that will form the basis of all of their future relationships and interactions.  With their loving hearts and caring hands, the home visitors support individuals and families and teach about falling in love with their children.  Many of the individuals and families that we serve have experienced childhood trauma, which impacts their ability to care for their children as parents.

The following story is just one of the success stories that illustrate how building a relationship with both BIBs and Healthy Families participants, who are HealthNet patients, can change an adult’s life. The result of a child feeling love and protection from a healthy relationship with the parent helps the child become a caring human being capable enough to handle life.

Nancy enrolled in the program and initially was not completely open about her past. She was very quiet and timid.  Over the course of a few visits, Nancy opened up to her home visitor, disclosing a significant history of depression, anxiety, abuse, and rape.  Her home visitor arranged for Nancy to see a HealthNet Behavioral Health therapist, and she and her home visitor worked together on ways to help her cope with her stressors.  Nancy did see a therapist and is now attending weekly sessions.  She regularly uses the stress relief techniques that the home visitor taught her and is working on eating healthier and exercising.  Nancy enjoys the praise she gets from her home visitor and reports that one of the few things she looks forward to each week is her home visit.  While Nancy’s story is ongoing, her progress and willingness to share her history and emotions demonstrate growth and maturity that is supported by services provided by BIBs and Healthy Families.

Children are our future; we must take care of them with maximum effort. -Naomi Campbell

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