About Us

Who is HealthNet and why are we blogging?

HealthNet, Inc. is Indiana’s largest network of Federally Qualified Health Centers.  Our mission is to provide compassionate health care and support services, regardless of ability to pay.  Giving a care about the Indianapolis community extends beyond just caring about the physical wellness of its citizens!  Along with 12 Community Health Centers, HealthNet consists of the Homeless Initiative Program, Healthy Families-Marion I Programs, School-Based Services in 4 schools throughout Indianapolis and a Health Promotion team that is present in each health center.  Our model of care treats the whole person: body, mind and spirit.  Healthy citizens lead to healthy communities, and our staff is dedicated not only to treatment but also prevention.

So why are we blogging?

  1. Communication – Community health centers have always been about what is best for the community and neighborhood, and there is no better way to find that out than to tell you what we are doing and ASK you how we can get better!
  2. Stories – Storytelling is fun to do, and it can be a helpful tool for you as well as us to learn how to improve and who to ask for help.
  3. It’s fun! A great way to keep in touch and let you know what all is going on inside HealthNet doors and in the Indianapolis community.