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Healthy Choices: Not just for the fortunate.

Have you ever been to a grocery store in an under-served neighborhood?  It wasn’t long ago that I ran over to a store close to my office to grab some food choices for a client training session.  I was in the market for some healthier choices that people could munch on while they were learning [...]

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Give a Care About Home

Post by Laura Jay-Ballinger To me, home as always meant a place of comfort.  Whether that was my physical house that I grew up in or the people that represented this sense of security, home equaled safety.  I remember being a scared college freshman and feeling so much relief and protection being able to visit [...]

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A 2011 Tax Deduction That Can Save Lives!

As 2011 draws to a close, we wanted to share a letter from HealthNet President/CEO Booker Thomas that appeared in yesterday’s e-newsletter: Dear Friends of HealthNet, Every year, hundreds of individuals make donations that help HealthNet fulfill its mission of caring for the community. We hope you will join them and make a gift to HealthNet [...]

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Healthy Grocery Shopping Without Blowing Your Budget – 12 Tips to Know

You can shop healthy with a manageable amount of expense. Here’s a dozen ways to take care of your health at the grocery store without breaking the bank, thanks to HealthNet’s Health Promotions staff: Clip, save and use coupons. Stick with only the items you use. Check out the store flyer for sale items as [...]

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Mammograms for the Uninsured

It’s hard for anyone to think about the possibility of being diagnosed with any form of cancer.  But, what about thinking of preparing yourself, just in case, something happens. One of the first thoughts when buying a new car is paying for insurance, just in case. Same thing with buying a home – storm, fire, [...]

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Tomorrow equals ONE YEAR for the Affordable Care Act

One year ago tomorrow, President Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act. Community Health Centers now serve 23 million patients and provide care for one-fourth of all primary care visits for low-income citizens in our country.  The Affordable Care Act has been one more step towards health centers throughout the nation caring for 40 [...]

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Indy HVRP helps Vet get second chance!

Here is a quick story about a man who served our country to protect our freedoms, came home only to fall on some hard times, and simply needed a little bit of help to land right back on his feet.  Stories like the one below are happening more often than most people think.  About 1 [...]

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Serving the homeless is more than putting up four walls

I remember hearing a quote somewhere that said, “People don’t recognize customer service, unless it is BAD customer service.” This quote ties in well with a story written in a blog post on New York’s Coalition for the Homeless website.  The blog post is written by a woman, Sarah Murphy, who was homeless but helped [...]

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Indiana Pacers Help Warm Up Indy

In late January, Indiana Pacers fans discovered an easy way to pick up some free tickets, but they had to drop off something first. It was all part of a special charity drive designed to help keep less fortunate Hoosiers warm. After the frigid temperatures, ice and snow of recent weeks, it’s something we all can [...]

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Housing & Shelter is just the start of ending homelessness

It is REALLY REALLY easy to think this way – “The way to end homelessness is to build more homes!  More housing, means less homeless, which means homelessness is gone!” I get caught thinking this way constantly.  It is hard to wrap your head around what it could be like to have to be on [...]

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