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Whole Foods Market “Bags Hunger” for HIP

In January, Whole Foods Market on 86th Street in Nora, distributed over $6,000 worth of healthy organic food to the Homeless Initiative Program (HIP).  The following items were picked up by our staff and delivered to the individuals housed through our Ralph Dowe Legacy Housing Project and Threshold Project. Pallets of cereal Whole wheat pasta [...]

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A Recipe for Success!

Our Homeless Initiative Program (HIP) sees many success stories as one of the largest and most comprehensive programs for the homeless in Indiana.  This particular story touches on all of the different tools HIP uses to contribute to the success of their clients. “Smile, you’ve got a job now…” (story written by: Karin Romani, Employment [...]

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HOUSING FIRST approach is gaining headway across the nation!

The way homeless prevention usually went was that a person would stay in a shelter, show good behavior, and then receive support services.  Now, we are realizing the positive effect of housing the homeless first along with immediately providing support services. In an article from the Detroit Free Press, it was noted that the average [...]

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Teen birth rate is increasing?

Indiana has gone an entire decade with decreasing teen birth rates, until now. From 1997-2005, we have seen a decrease in teen pregnancy from 32.1 per 1000 female teens to 20.5 per 1000 female teens.  However, that number rose from ’05 to ’07 and now stands at 21.9. The Indiana Youth Institute sent out an [...]

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Child Abuse in Indiana, by the numbers

The Indiana Youth Institute just came out with their Kids Count in Indiana Data book.  With this comes snapshots of data of each county in Indiana. In Marion County, the population of children totaled 236,434, and the following are some staggering numbers about our children: 24% live in poverty Teen birth rate is 35.5 (per [...]

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Childhood Abuse leading to Addiction – who is blamed?

Coming up with a title for this post was tough.. It is easy to answer the question and not read the post. Who is blamed for childhood abuse? – Adults/caretakers in that child’s life. Who is blamed for addiction? – The individual who can’t help themselves. But before you click away, what if I posed [...]

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Homelessness and the lack of resources…

What if you said you couldn’t help someone jump their car because you didn’t have the cables? That isn’t too hard to get over. You just didn’t have the resources to help them, but maybe somebody else will come along with jumper cables. It is a pretty common tool to keep in a car. What if you [...]

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Food or health care?

Many Americans have to make this choice everyday.  Most of those who are medically uninsured and underinsured are also those who are living in poverty.  When you don’t have enough money to pay for health insurance, what do you pay for first? A doctor’s visit? Or food for dinner? A nonprofit organization called Share our [...]

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