Homelessness and the lack of resources…

What if you said you couldn’t help someone jump their car because you didn’t have the cables? That isn’t too hard to get over. You just didn’t have the resources to help them, but maybe somebody else¬†will come¬†along with jumper cables. It is a pretty common tool to keep in a car.

What if you said you couldn’t help someone get rid of their headache because you didn’t have any aspirin? You feel bad for a little bit because you couldn’t help someone in need, but it is just a headache.¬† They’ll survive.

What if you said you couldn’t shelter someone from the rain or the snow or a thunderstorm because there was no place for them to go?

Cindy Maple, the Executive Director of Hospitality House in Western Nevada,  wrote an article in The Union expressing these exact sentiments.

“I was working in a job where I was supposed to help people and I had nothing I could offer.” -Cindy Maple

The lack of resources for the homeless is present throughout the entire nation.  There are many organizations that work to help the homeless, but it is hard to get anywhere because the amount of affordable housing is stagnant and is becoming less available with the increasing amount of homeless persons we have seen.

Indianapolis’ Blueprint to End Homelessness has gotten our community on the right track.¬† The amount of affordable housing has increased in the past 5 years. HOWEVER, the amount of supportive housing has increased at a much, much lower level.¬† Supportive housing is affordable housing plus services that help those who need health care, mental health care, employment training, and more.

You can help provide more resources to the homeless organizations right here in Indianapolis.¬† Help by raising awareness about the lack of resources, or directly GIVE A CARE by donating to HealthNet’s Homeless Initiative Program.

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