The spirit of Christmas – all year long?

As we approach the end of the year, we are reminded of the spirit of giving that surrounds the holiday season. Generosity can be seen in many ways:

HealthNet has seen seen an outpouring of generosity over the last couple weeks. Groups have come together to donate coats, hats, gloves and blankets to our Homeless Initiative Program, and social workers at our Community Health Centers are getting ready to distribute toys to children in need thanks to organizations like Toys for Tots and Mattel’s Toy Donation Program.

But what happens when the new year begins and people get back to their daily lives?

HealthNet’s social workers fight tirelessly throughout the year to ensure that thousands of families and children are having their basic needs met. These needs include referrals to area programs to help with heating assistance, bus passes to get to their health care appointments, and guidance on where to find job training and educational services. Our social workers also work with families to help provide school uniforms, properly fitting shoes and even a gift for parents to give their child on his or her birthday. During the holiday season there seems to be an abundance of organizations helping families provide toys to their children for Christmas but what happens when June comes along and a child is without a birthday gift?

With your help, HealthNet’s social workers can continue to provide these services year round. Please consider donating $25 to help purchase a birthday gift to a child who would otherwise go without.

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