Meet our Blog Team

Kay Johnson

“Hi, I’m Kay, HealthNet’s Marketing Manager, which means I have the best job around — spreading the word about this wonderful organization and its amazing caregivers, services and mission!”


Dr. Rick Reifenberg (Dr. R.)

“Hello, Dr. R. here!  I have been a HealthNet primary care physician since 2000. In 2010, after being diagnosed with and then successfully treated for leukemia, I returned to work as the Associate Medical Director here.  Since living a healthy and active lifestyle has always been a passion of mine, I returned to part-time clinical practice creating a Weight Management program at Southwest Health & Dental Center on Thursday mornings that has allowed me to share with others a way to achieve the benefits of a healthy weight through simple changes in their eating habits and incorporating more activity into their lives.”


Karen Gough

“Hi I’m Karen Gough, HealthNet’s one and ONLY Dietitian, meaning I travel to all of our health center locations.  What I do is educate individuals on healthy eating to help improve their health and quality of life.  I not only see patients at our centers, but I also see those who are NOT patients or community members.  One thing that I am NOT, is the “FOOD POLICE”, so don’t hesitate to come see me!”


Bhumi Bhavsar

“Hi, my name is Bhumi, and I’m a Behavioral Health Psychotherapist with HealthNet, basically providing behavioral health services – such as helping with depression, anxiety, behavior problems, grief, trauma, etc. – to the patients we serve.  I’ve been with HealthNet for about 2.5 yrs, and prior to, worked 9 years providing addictions and mental health services to homeless and severely mentally ill veterans and people coming out of the criminal justice system.  I really enjoy being able to work individually with people by touching their spirits and providing hope!!”


Benita Mullins

“Haaay, my name’s Benita and I’m the extremely talented Secretary for HealthNet’s Better Indy Babies & Healthy Families Program.  I am the ‘go to’, ‘go get’, and ‘please help’ person for my office.  Basically, I support our staff so that they can support our participants!”



Denise Kaspar

“Hi, I am Denise, Program Director for the Healthy Families program.  We have awesome workers in this program making a difference in the lives of families and children on a daily basis.”



Matt Holland

I have the pleasure of serving as the Employment Development wing of the Homeless Initiative Program’s Employment and Training Team for the past 2 years in addition to being a Co-Chair of the Continuum of Care’s Community Education & Policy Committee for the past 4 months.  Prior to coming to HIP, I worked in the Hospitality field with White Lodging Services and Starwood Hotels & Resorts for 12 years.  I love connecting job searchers with career opportunities!

Tori Kissner

Hey there! I’m Tori Kissner, a proud Family Support Specialist at Healthy Families, Marion County 1. I work with at-risk mothers, fathers, babies, and other family members in the community and I truly love my job. I am the daughter and sibling of individuals on the spectrum and while it was not always easy, it gave me the ‘advocate-bug’, patience, and compassion necessary for this job.

Megan McDonald

Hey, I’m Megan.  I am one of the HealthNet Midwives.  My main clinic location is the Care Center at the Towers and I also deliver babies at Methodist Hospital.  I love talking with patients about natural remedies and helping them prepare for birth.  As the only group in the city offering hospital waterbirth, I also love discussing this with women as an option for pain relief and as a gentle transition for babies.  I am married and have 2 little girls at home that I delivered in the water!  I am looking forward to sharing more information about wellness, birth, and women’s health on our blog.