Are you the “Best Father”?

I am sure most men would say they are good fathers and so many of you are. However, if asked “Are you the ‘Best Father,’ most would say “I am a good father but there are some things I don’t know… I am good, but not the best.” This is the perfect opportunity for you!

HealthNet, in partnership with the Fathers and Families Center have created a workshop “Best Father” to connect young men with the tools needed to be the “Best Father” in their children lives. Our “Best Father” workshop is filled with information, fun and fellowship among men! Some topics that are discussed include:

  • Maleness to manhood
  • Relationship issues, dealing with your child’s mother
  •  Co-parenting
  • Parenting Education/discipline
  • Job readiness strategies
  • Sex Education
  • Anger management
  • Pre-College prep
  • Financial literacy
  • GED/HS Diploma opportunities

These core programs will help us to connect fathers to better healthcare, while building healthier and stronger family bonds.

Fathers’ involvement in the lives of their children contributes to a variety of positive outcomes including, higher academic performance, financial stability, lower likelihood of anti-social behavior, early sexual activity, teen pregnancy, and substance abuse according to the Journal of Marriage and Family, 2010.

HealthNet’s social work staff also completes a free assessment to assist fathers through personal or family issues. We help you find community resources to meet your needs.  For example: housing assistance, budgeting, respite care, legal assistance, medication assistance, health insurance, child care resources, legal assistance, counseling and so much more.

 Overall the goal is to enhance families with education, health and wellness and self-sufficiency opportunities. Other services offered to “Best Father” participants are:

  • Transportation
  • Snacks
  • Gift card drawing
  • Raffles
  • Class graduation
  • Employment leads

 The Best Father workshop meets three times a year at the Northeast Health Center, 3908 Meadows Drive, Indpls, IN 46205. Space is limited. Call Cassandra Jones, Community Social Worker @ 317-957-2150 for more information on date and times.

To make a donation to HealthNet’s Best Father program, please click here.

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