Give a Care About Home

Post by Laura Jay-Ballinger

To me, home as always meant a place of comfort.  Whether that was my physical house that I grew up in or the people that represented this sense of security, home equaled safety.  I remember being a scared college freshman and feeling so much relief and protection being able to visit home after my first few months away.  It feels like home when I talk with my best friend I grew up with despite her living across the country.  No matter how much of a mess my house is at the end of a long day, it still feels like a refuge. 

I am so fortunate to have a sense of home that is a sanctuary from the chaos of the world.  A lot of people don’t have that luxury.  Many of our patients at HealthNet live in homes full of violence, turmoil, and conflict.  Some of our littlest patients grow up wondering if pandemonium and stress is normal in the place where one is supposed to feel the safest.

My hope is that when all else fails, HealthNet can provide a feeling of home. 

It seems that this idea is always the direction I take when writing blogs.  I suppose I can’t say it enough!  HealthNet offers a place where one can feel cared for and heard—a home.

In the Behavioral Health Department, we strive to provide that as well.  A safe, trusting place to share one’s experience and facilitate healing.  We also work to help improve the home lives of our patients in working through interpersonal conflict, parent training, and family therapy.

I think HealthNet is home for not only our patients, but for many of our staff members as well.  As previously mentioned, I worked as a student clinician at HealthNet several years before I was hired as a behavioral health therapist last fall.  I always wanted to get back to HealthNet.  To put it simply, it felt like home.  The mission of the organization as well as staff and patients I have encountered since being back has fully reinforced my decision to return.  This is the place for me. 

HealthNet is fortunate to have a team of amazing therapists like Laura on staff. We are the one-stop-shop of primary care and Behavioral Health Services!

Editor’s note: This month’s theme is “Give A Care About Home!” Our bloggers have taken on this topic and are talking about the concept of “home,” and how it is key to everyone’s health and well-being.  Click here to find out more about our topic this month.

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