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Social Work: From overseas to your hometown…

What does the Navy have to do with health care at home? Those serving in the United States Navy are not only defending our country, but they are also fighting for each one of us individually. They endure long separations from family in sometimes hostile circumstances and often come home with emotional and mental health [...]

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Achieving a goal takes planning, Indianapolis chose a “Blueprint”

Helping someone into a home FIRST, can offer stability and security to help them into a new life SECOND. Housing First is an approach that kind of flip flops the logical way of thinking.  Many of us think that in order to obtain a home, one should 1) be sober, 2) have a steady paying [...]

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Making a Difference for Indy Schools – One Student at a Time

As a busy working parent, few competing priorities outrank your child’s well-being. A survey shows that school-based health centers and school nurses play an increasingly important role in our kids’ health. They provide care where children spend most of their waking hours – at school.  They also witness factors that impact student health and academic [...]

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A Health Center’s Benefit

Community health centers (CHC) are present to provide primary care and a health care home for those who are uninsured or underinsured.  These health centers provide a return on investment from the Affordable Care Act of 2010. According to the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), by 2015, the amount of patients that receive [...]

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Health Care Access has barriers other than ability to pay

There are many barriers that limit the access to health care.  No insurance, unemployment, underemployment, etc.  However, there may be another barrier that many do NOT think about.  How willing would you be to seek primary health care or preventative check-ups if you could not communicate with your doctor? This past year, it was predicted [...]

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