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Indiana Pacers Help Warm Up Indy

In late January, Indiana Pacers fans discovered an easy way to pick up some free tickets, but they had to drop off something first. It was all part of a special charity drive designed to help keep less fortunate Hoosiers warm. After the frigid temperatures, ice and snow of recent weeks, it’s something we all can [...]

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A Recipe for Success!

Our Homeless Initiative Program (HIP) sees many success stories as one of the largest and most comprehensive programs for the homeless in Indiana.  This particular story touches on all of the different tools HIP uses to contribute to the success of their clients. “Smile, you’ve got a job now…” (story written by: Karin Romani, Employment [...]

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HOUSING FIRST approach is gaining headway across the nation!

The way homeless prevention usually went was that a person would stay in a shelter, show good behavior, and then receive support services.  Now, we are realizing the positive effect of housing the homeless first along with immediately providing support services. In an article from the Detroit Free Press, it was noted that the average [...]

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The NEW Homeless Veterans

There is a growing number of homeless veterans, and they aren’t the old guys with a bottle in a paper sack who fought in Vietnam.  An estimated 9,000 veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are homeless. An excellent video and article done by Bob Woodruff and Ian Caemeron for ABC News captures the feelings of three [...]

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Homeless prevention for Veterans

In his blog Stone Soup Station, Steven Samra says, “One of the most gut wrenching, heartbreaking things I’ve had to deal with while working with veterans is telling a man or woman with a family that there were no resources available to assist them as their world collapsed around them and they hit the bricks.” [...]

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