Eating Healthy During Summer Cookouts

Summer is here and most of us will probably attend a cook out or barbecue or host our own. While cookouts are great to spend time with family and friends, they might not be great for your health.

According to The Daily Meal, a single day of barbecue eating could total 2,652 calories!  Check out the information below on the calories and fat in your favorite cookout foods.

Hot dog with ketchup:                    315 calories/18.5 grams of fat

Potato salad (1 cup):                       358 calories/20.5 grams of fat

Hamburger patty:                            250 calories/9 grams of fat

Pasta salad (4.9 oz):                        370 calories/26 grams of fat

Lemonade (8 oz):                             98 calories/25.7 grams of sugar
*According to

To make it easier to say no to these unhealthy cookout foods, eat before you go so you are less likely to grab a plate full of food at the cookout.

If you can’t resist, be aware of your portions and drink lots of water. Water will help you feel full and can help stop the temptation of grabbing seconds!

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