#GiveACareAbout Kids

Healthy Kids create a Healthy Future…
for all communities.

Throughout the month of July, we will be talking about child safety, development, and how BIBs/Healthy Families makes an impact on so many Indianapolis families.

What you can expect…

- We will be holding conversations with mothers on Twitter using the hashtag #MOMmonday. Lots of info will be shared throughout the entire day.  TUNE IN!

- Keep a lookout on our Facebook page for FAMILY FRIDAY! A board game giveaway will occur each Friday for those who participate.  Details, again, will be found on our Facebook page the day of the giveways.

- Want us to keep you updated via email?? We will be sending out eBlasts every week to remind everyone what is going on and how to participate.  Sign up for our eBlasts now by clicking here and signing up to receive the Better Indy Babies/Healthy Families emails.

How you can directly help…

Families that participate in our program will have needs arise where they may have to choose between something for their child’s safety or the rent, or between a program to help child development or putting food on the table.  You can help them make the decision easier by giving to our BIBs/HF program — proceeds go to developmental toys to bring during home visits, emergency assistance funds for families in dire need, and the overall program to allow more workers affect the lives of more families!