It’s the 3rd week of our “May 5 weeks of Fun”

National Bike to Work Week is part of National Bike MONTH that is sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists!  A great way to save on gas money AND save on gym fees.

But we want to sponsor National Bike to Work Week, too.

Bike to Work Week

Our amateur sketch for GiveACareIndy's Bike to Work Week logo.

Join in and pledge to bike to work.

National Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 18th.  Do it then, or do it the entire week.  We don’t have any sign up sheet, we don’t have any incentives.  But the incentive SHOULD be to have National Bike to Work Week be the kickoff of an active summer.  As a network of community health centers, we stress prevention in health care situations every day.  Biking, walking, running or any other form of activity can help prevent an immeasurable amount of illness and disease.

Take the pledge.  Hold yourself accountable.  Or if you want some extra motivation, tweet us at @GiveACareIndy.  We’ll keep you accountable!