10 Tips – How to Stay Healthy on a Budget!

You can enjoy a healthy lifestyle with a manageable amount of expense this spring. Here are some ways to take care of your health without breaking the bank, thanks to HealthNet’s Health Promotions staff:

  1. Grow your own fruits and vegetables in your yard, patio containers, or a community garden space.
  2. Use store brand instead of name brand foods.
  3. Save on a gym membership and exercise at home. Stability balls, resistance bands, and fitness DVDs are affordable and provide structure for a fitness routine.
  4. Walk with your dog, family members or friends.
  5. Walk or ride a bike rather than driving to places close to you.
  6. Enjoy a picnic in the park instead of eating out.
  7. Relax and reduce stress with books, movies, and CDs borrowed from the public library.
  8. Quit smoking and save money. If you smoke one pack a day, you can save approximately $2,000 a year if you stop smoking.
  9. If you have a chronic disease like asthma or diabetes, see your doctor regularly to avoid costly complications.
  10. If you don’t have a doctor and are looking for affordable options, find a HealthNet community health center in your area. If you live outside of Indy, check out the Indiana Primary Health Care Association for other low cost health centers throughout the state.

Here’s another bargain for you. Community health centers have a proven track record of improving the health and well-being of their communities. And, they save over $1,200 per patient annually, by reducing preventable hospitalizations and emergency room visits. Please join us in advocating the the need for community health center expansion! Sign our petition today!

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