4 Days ‘til July 4th Weekend: PART FOUR – Health Promotions

The final entry of our four-part blog series that has been full of introductions brings you an inside look at HealthNet’s Health Promotions!  A team that helps patients stay on the right track AFTER they leave the doctor’s office.

Meet – Health Promotions


Community health centers are successful because of the fact that they are multi-service centers.  From a centralized location within a neighborhood, they offer family medicine, dental, podiatry, optometry, behavioral health, and much, much more.  Health promotions staff help to complete the wrap-around services provided by our community health centers.  The team includes a dietician, a smoking cessation counselor, prenatal educators, and a health education manager, but their reach goes beyond those areas.

Here are the four things you need to know about Health Promotions:

  1. Health Promotions assisted more than 6,000 people in Indianapolis through community events, tobacco cessation and nutrition counseling, prenatal classes and patient outreach programs.
    What cannot be captured is the amount of people who learn life-changing lessons from the one-on-one counseling, classes, health screenings and numerous brochures, packets, and posters at community health fairs that help to drive home these lessons that our providers want our patients to understand.
  2. Success stories from Health Promotions may seem simple to you and I, but the lessons are long-lasting with our patients.
    Learn from Delorus Alderman
    , a patient who quit smoking with the help of our Tobacco Cessation Counselor.  Or, read about our pilot walking programthat helps neighbors on the southeast side of Indy come together to support each other’s journey to become more fit.  These are only two of plenty of small but great successes by our patients who would not have had a chance without our Health Promo team.
  3. Patient outreach programs bring back patients, patients who would normally skip appointments.
    It is really hard, most of the time, for our patients to (a) find a ride to our centers and (b) find the time to make it to an appointment.  It is a choice between saving money or saving health.  Our health promotions team along with health center staff do a GREAT job of getting patients to appointments.  They key in on certain incentives to make it a worthwhile trip.
  4. You can be a part of promoting healthy lifestyle and be a part of HealthNet’s wrap-around care!

Want to learn more about what all goes on for Health Promotions?
Have a suggestion for great wrap-around care?
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