A Resident’s Insight into our Pediatric & Adolescent Care Center

I got a chance to catch up with one of our resident’s at our Pediatric & Adolescent Care Center (PACC), the largest Pediatric Residency Continuity Clinic for the IU School of Medicine (IUSOM), with 44 resident physicians and 12 staff providers.  This month will mark the THIRD anniversary of the PACC becoming part of HealthNet and providing urgent care and primary care services on an outpatient basis for children from birth to age 21.

Dr. Kenton Hilbish answers a few questions to help give some insight into his experience at the PACC:

What was your first impression when you found out you were assigned to the Pediatric & Adolescent Care Center (PACC)?

Dr. Hilbish: It has been a rewarding experience working at the PACC.  I did not know what to expect when I found out I was assigned to the PACC for continuity clinic, but all resident reactions were immediately positive.  I definitely agree with their positive impression of this clinic.  The PACC offers a diverse patient experience.

HN: Tell us more about the diverse patient experience there. What has that taught you?

Dr. Hilbish: We provide care for many underserved populations including, Hispanic, African American, and Burmese patients.  The diversity of the patients has increased my cultural sensitivity and awareness.  It has helped me to customize my patient care to the different expectations and needs of the various patient populations.   This experience has carried over to my care in the other capacities in which I serve as a resident.

HN: What is a typical week like for you at the PACC?

Dr. Hilbish: The PACC is a very busy clinic both in patient numbers and residents who work there.  The large number of patients provides exposure to many different illnesses and creates a vast patient care experience.  My patient panel will typically include a few well-child checks with follow-up and sick visits mixed in each week.  The patient complaints vary from a child with significant disabilities to the common cold.  I believe this wide exposure will serve me well in the future.

HN: Can you tell us more about how PACC staff and your fellow residents create a learning environment?

Dr. Hilbish: The staff and residents have been great.  It is interesting to get the various staff perspectives or opinions of how they manage different illnesses.  The additional staff are also a great resource for a second opinion when it is needed.  All of the staff are excellent teachers and truly seek to combine patient care with a great education.  Working with so many of the other residents has been a great resource as well.  It has provided great friendships and allows us to discuss not only patient care in the clinic but for resident life as well.

HN: Can you sum up your experience so far, and how you will stay connected with the PACC in the future?

Dr. Hilbish: My experience at the PACC has been great.  They clearly provide a critical service to the local community and have influenced the lives of many children and their families.  The PACC provides comprehensive care and truly seeks to care for the patients and their families entirely and not just their acute illness.  I am proud to be a part of the PACC and look forward to the rest of my time there.  I know the lessons and experiences I have at the PACC will continue to be an important part of my career.

Congratulations PACC staff & residents, past and present!  Three years of quality care! Giving a care about the underserved in Indianapolis.

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