Back-to-School Shots — What Indy Parents Should Know!

The new Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) policy that was supposed to go into effect starting July 1st has been postponed until January 2012, but is still causing some confusion and leaving some Marion County families scrambling to get their children’s vaccines before the start of the school year.

Earlier this year, the ISDH announced that it will no longer allow county health departments to provide low-cost immunizations to children who have insurance.

This new policy is intended to reserve vaccinations for the most needy. However, even families with insurance face out-of-pocket expenses they can not afford because some insurance policies have high deductibles or only cover one shot.

Some Indiana medical practices participate in the Vaccines for Children program. 

The Vaccine for Children (VFC) program is a federal program that provides eligible children all recommended vaccines at little or no cost. However, if your doctor’s office is not a VFC participating provider, community health centers, such as HealthNet, will provide immunization to children at little or no cost.

With the new school year right around the corner, are your children up-to-date on their vaccines?

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