Calling All Advocates: We Need Your Help TODAY!

Tomorrow, March 1, the sequester (across the board cuts in federal spending) goes into effect. What does that mean for Indianapolis? And for you?

For Indianapolis and the nation, it means significant cuts to community health centers serving the uninsured and underinsured.

If the sequester is not delayed or replaced, the Health Centers Program will face a cut of $120 million, which means that approximately 900,000 patients will lose access to care at a Health Center – both existing and potential new patients, the National Association of Community Health Centers reports.

For you? It means that TODAY is your last chance to reach out to your Members of Congress to have an impact on what happens.

Whether or not we can stop the sequester from going into effect tomorrow, we still need to make sure that Congress has heard from health center advocates about this issue.  Congress will still be making critical funding decisions throughout the month of March, and we need to make sure health centers and health center patients are a priority to every Member of Congress.  By taking the time today to make sure Congress understands the needs of health centers and how the sequester could eliminate care for 900,000 patients, your message will make clear to Congress the need to ensure adequate funding for the Health Centers Program through future funding efforts.

Please take a few minutes today to send a final message to Congress!  Make sure your Members of Congress know that health centers are opposed to the sequester, and that sequestration means more than just funding cuts, but will also eliminate care for 900,000 patients.

CALL the toll-free Advocacy Hotline at 1-866-456-3949 and tell your U.S. Senators and Representative to STOP the sequester (across the board cuts).  Urge your Members of Congress to delay or replace the sequester as soon as possible and remind them that if they fail the funding cuts that will go into effect could have an immediate impact on Health Centers’ ability to serve their patients and communities.

EMAIL your Members of Congress to let them know what’s at stake for your health center and the patients it serves if Congress fails to stop the sequester immediately. Click here to send your emails NOW.

For additional information on the sequester, read our recent blog post on the topic. Thank you for your support!

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