Celebrate Men’s Health Month!

Celebrate Men’s Health Month! Show the men in your life that you love them by encouraging them to make their health a priority!

According to ABC News, men are more reluctant to go to the doctor than women, which is one of the biggest reasons a man’s life expectancy is six to seven years behind a woman’s. You’ve probably heard the excuses before, “I’m too busy,” “I feel fine,” or “It’s too expensive.” These excuses help us avoid going to the doctor for check-ups and preventative care. Visiting your doctor for regular check-ups can help you live a longer, healthier life. 

Encourage the men in your life to live healthier and help them on their path to wellness! Check out the tips below for easy ways to live healthier for men and women!

1. Make regular appointments with your primary care provider. Need to find a doctor? Check out HealthNet’s new provider directory with photos and biographies of all of our doctors! Find a doctor based on their location, gender, specialty or language.

2. Choose healthy eating habits. Need help determining what foods you should and shouldn’t be eating each day? Visit www.choosemyplate.com for online help, or call a HealthNet center near you to make an appointment with our dietitian.

3. Get some sleep. Did you know poor sleeping habits have been linked to depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and other health issues? The amount of sleep each person needs a night can differ from person to person, but 7-9 hours is the average recommended hours of sleep a night.

4. Exercise. To busy to go to the gym? Check out these 10 easy ways to sneak in a workout!

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