Doors Opened Because You Gave A Care

Four HealthNet clients recently invited us into their homes and work places for a visit. Their stories were simply amazing!

We’d like for you to meet them too:





Left to Right: Sammie, Tonya, Jason, Rachel

  • Sammie was 14 years old and expecting her first child. Scared. Overwhelmed. She knew she had a lot to learn. Now, thanks to a little mentoring, she’s been able to give little Isabelle a great start in life. Check out how.
  • Tonya went from no house and no job to “Employee of the Month.” Learn how.
  • Like many, Jason started smoking as a teenager. It wasn’t until the birth of his first grandchild that he finally made the decision to quit once and for all. Jason gave up smoking to get more time with his grandson. Read how he kicked a lifelong habit.
  • Rachel grew up in a neighborhood where alcohol abuse, drug abuse and violence were the norm. She wanted a better environment for herself and her son. But it was a long road to a healthier life. Rachel’s home visitor never gave up. Neither did Rachel. Read their story.

It was great getting to know Sammie, Tonya, Jason and Rachel. We hope you enjoy reading their stories, and other encouraging ones, in our online 2010-2011 Annual Report.

The theme of the report — “Open Doors With Care”—has remained at the heart of HealthNet’s work since our beginnings in 1968 in Fountain Square. And, it’s how and why HealthNet has become what it is today—the largest Federally Qualified Health Center in Indiana, with more than 500 staff members, serving more than 50,000 patients and clients through 20 sites across Marion County and beyond.

We know that staying healthy encompasses so much more than a doctor’s visit for many of our neighbors.  From bus passes to get to a new job until that first paycheck comes; to mentoring a single mother learning to care for her newborn; to coaching a homeless veteran to self-sufficiency; to helping a retiree obtain prescriptions he can’t afford, HealthNet plays a vital role in opening doors for people who need care.

So we invite you to click, flip and read all about what HealthNet has been up to this past year! And share it with your friends. It’s all because YOU opened doors and gave a care. Thank you for your continued support. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of thousands of families in Indianapolis.

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” Flora Whittemore

If you’re just learning about us, you can open doors with care too. Support one of our programs or services you’ve just read about!

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