Give A Care About the Basics!

Joy?  Peace?  Yeah, right. 

It’s easy for the season of holidays that begins this month to become more stressful than joyful. 

At HealthNet, we believe it’s time to  stop the insanity and get back to the basics.  Simplify.  Cut back on the extra stuff.  Focus on the key things that can keep you and your family healthy and balanced.

For more than 44 years, HealthNet’s doctors, nurses, midwives, social workers, therapists, dentists, outreach and home visitation teams and other caregivers have played a central role in helping families throughout the Indianapolis area build healthier lifestyle habits.

That’s why we believe that small steps lead to big changes. With a balanced approach centered on the fundamentals, even the busiest families can discover ways to eat healthier, live well and feel better.

This month we’ll be sharing blogs and tips on just that – how to get back to the essential health basics for you and your family this holiday season.

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How you can directly help…

  1. For many of the families we serve, staying healthy involves so much more than a doctor’s visit. It’s about the basics of life – food, clothing, shelter and other essentials. You can help by hosting a Holiday Helpings Drive!
  2. If you like what you read in November, we are asking that you please consider forwarding these messages, links, tweets and Facebook posts to friends, family members, and work colleagues. By providing a little education and an easy way to get involved, we believe we can bring new awareness to our cause — especially with your encouragement!
  3. Now, take this Simplify the Season Pledge by signing your name in the comments below.  Then embrace the joy!                                                                                                                                                         Simplify the Season Pledge                                                                                                                                                                 I pledge to STOP the holiday insanity.
    I will make every effort to simplify the Season.
    I will not stress out over decorating, wrapping, buying and baking.
    I will not buy thoughtless gifts.
    I will not over-commit my time.
    I will plan my schedule with free time to sip hot cocoa.
    I will enjoy the true spirit of the season – joy, peace, giving.

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