Helping Leaders Achieve More

Post by Lynn Zettler

When I left a successful 20-year career to start a coaching business, I wondered how I could help others to continuously grow, expand and stretch to be the masters of their career, business and life.

When our local ICF Chapter set out to partner with a local nonprofit to give back to our community through coaching, in recognition of International Coaches Week, I wondered how we would be able to pull it all together, match coaches with clients effectively and measure success.

Now, having helped dozens of companies through my coaching business, and partnering with the nonprofit health services provider HealthNet for International Coaches Week, I’m continuously reassured that good people come together to do great things.

I am highly impressed with the executive leadership of HealthNet and their commitment to the professional development of their leaders, and their openness and excitement about bringing coaching into the organization.  Having been matched as a coach for one of their leaders for three sessions has also shown me the high caliber and standards of their leaders, and their openness to embrace even higher aspirations for themselves.

My main reason for enrolling in the nonprofit coaching project was to be a part of something that was contributing to our community in a positive way, while also teaching and raising awareness around what professional coaching is, and that coaching is alive, well and growing in the Indianapolis area. I’m excited to be a part of the industry, a part of the International Coach Federation, the local ICF Chapter and this incredible opportunity to contribute in some way to the mission of HealthNet by helping their leaders achieve even more!

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