Homeless Initiative Program: Employment and Training

As most of you know, the Employment environment currently being experienced by those job searching is challenging to say the least.  Imagine if you added barriers such as having your housing in an unstable situation (due to either threat of eviction, staying in a shelter or experiencing a challenging domestic situation at home).  Those are some of the very real situations being experienced by those in the job hunt on top of having their unemployment benefits recently being impacted as of the 1st of the year.  You may say to yourself, “Well, that is not my current situation” and if that is the case then you are very fortunate.  If you are in a hiring role, a great way to give back to those in the situations listed above is to volunteer for mock or practice interviewing at local community agency that works with those searching for their next employment opportunity.  These individuals overall have the tools necessary to find that next job, but the practice and constructive feedback regarding their interview performance is a critical advantage that can build momentum and confidence going into an interview for that desired position.

The Homeless Initiative Program’s Employment and Training department holds Mock Interview sessions for our client’s every 2-3 weeks.  We take our client’s through the process of how to maximize their skills and workplace skills to impress that future employer and “sell the employer” that they are the right candidate.  Having professional Human Resources and/or hiring personnel feedback is a large part of building the belief that they can attain their goal and reach the position they desire.

If you are interested in volunteering some of your time and professional knowledge to benefit those searching for their next employment opportunity and molding them into the best candidate that they can be, please contact Matt Holland, Employer Liaison at the Homeless Initiative Program at 317-957-2275 Ext. 4006 or mholland1@iuhealth.org for more information.

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