IPS shows they #giveacareabout regaining students who have dropped out — what do you #giveacareabout when it comes to local students?

The largest public school system in the state of Indiana also has one of the highest dropout rates in the country. Recently, Indianapolis Public Schools began a month-long campaign titled “Reclaim Your Future,” showing that they give a care about the 5,000 former students and want to encourage them to return and finish their education. Many specially trained volunteers are hitting the streets and going door-to-door to make personal visits in the hopes that some will consider returning this fall.

With a presence in 5 IPS schools, HealthNet’s School-Based Services also gives a care about these students.  Since often the reason a student can’t get to school is health-related, the need for greater access to care is vital for retaining these students who are brought back.

In recent posts, we have said:

“School-based health centers help boost access to quality care for underserved and uninsured students.”

“Being located where students spend most of their day enables School-Based Services to see and address factors that impact children’s well-being and academic achievement.”

IPS is showing that they #giveacareabout bringing dropouts back to school in order to make sure they gain their diploma.  Here at HealthNet, we have shown that we #giveacareabout the health and well-being of these students so that they can focus on their studies and not have to be absent.

What do you give a care about when it comes to students gaining their education?
What aspects of the education system do you think need an upgrade?

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