Meet Maggie, HealthNet’s Mammography Technologist!

Meet Maggie, our fun and outgoing Radiological and Mammography Technologist!  Many people ask her, “Is this what you do ALL day?” But to Maggie, it is more than a job that she HAS to do all day.

Maggie hard at work!

Before Maggie was born, her maternal grandmother passed away from breast cancer. It was during the late 1960s when technology was not as sophisticated as it is today and, unfortunately, her condition was misdiagnosed. So, Maggie grew up well aware of the risks women face and decided to pursue a career helping those women who may not know the risks or have the knowledge to pursue prevention.

“Most women are nervous and scared to get a mammogram. I take great pride in knowing that I am here to help put them at ease,” – Maggie stated when asked about helping women get screened.

Maggie joined HealthNet because she was most interested in being able to perform both radiological and mammography exams. “Most places make you choose one or the other, so I am excited that I have the opportunity to care for two special areas of need.” She believes that providing compassionate care and making the patient feel comfortable builds a trust that will increase the success rate of them returning for future exams.

“I am also passionate about providing this valuable service to the underinsured and uninsured – everyone deserves quality care.”

Many women who are uninsured may not seek out a mammogram for fear that if there is something wrong…what would happen next? How would they pay for a diagnostic exam if their screening came back showing a concern? At HealthNet, providing life-saving mammogram screenings is vital to ensuring our patients are getting the best care possible – regardless of their ability to pay. Maggie’s sense of compassion and trusting nature put patients at ease. “I know how important it is to have a mammogram. Helping people get the screenings they need, to potentially save their lives, is what my job is all about.

Learn more about HealthNet’s locations, refer a friend or a family member to pursuit a mammogram, and feel free to call any of our locations to hear about the options offered at HealthNet.

If you would like to donate a simple $25 to help someone afford mammography assistance, here is how.

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