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Post by Jane Meyer

Awaiting the birth of a child can be an exciting time.  It can also be a time where you have a lot of questions and even worries.  HealthNet has a series of prenatal classes to help prepare you for childbirth, breastfeeding, and infant care.  These groups are a great way to lessen your anxiety and help build your confidence so you can enjoy your new parenting experience.

Childbirth Classes

HealthNet’s Childbirth Class helps moms-to-be and support persons learn more about labor and birth along with coping strategies.  The group also reviews medical interventions like medication and c-sections.  The class ends with a tour of the Methodist Maternity Center.

Breastfeeding Classes

Like any new skill, breastfeeding takes knowledge and practice.  HealthNet’s Breastfeeding Class covers how to place your baby, latch-on and common concerns and questions about breastfeeding.  This gives you a chance to prepare and ask questions.  The group is for women who have chosen to breastfeed or who are still deciding.

Newborn Basics

Wouldn’t it be nice if babies came with instructions?  HealthNet’s Newborn Basics Classes offers the chance to learn more about caring for a newborn in the first month of life.  We talk about diapering, feeding, bathing, comforting and more.

These classes are free of charge.  If you would like more information or are interested in registering for these classes, please call 317-957-2022 or click here.


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