Nurses Share Skills in East Africa

This month, HealthNet Certified Nurse Midwife Blythe Kinsey joins a team of nurses on an amazing adventure to Tanzania, East Africa. Here’s an excerpt from the team’s blog: 


I just thought I would send a note from Tanzania! For those who don’t know I am working as part of a Vocational Training Team through a Rotary International grant at Aga Khan University in Tanzania. We are working with the University to review their assessment and evaluation standards for their nursing and midwifery students.

I woke this morning sleepy but excited….We have been preparing for months to help the professors of Aga Khan University look at assessment tools for students, to help evaluate the students practice. We will be offering our assessment tools to help guide their evaluation process.

It has allowed for a deepening of the ideals that I think about when I think of a good student, who turns into a good nurse, who then can turn into a good nurse-midwife. How as preceptors, professors and instructors do we foster those skills that are imperative as well as the attitude behind them that allows for success? We are excited to facilitate this discussion!

We will all deepen our knowledge and understanding of this through this process. We will share our ideas and will learn from the ideas of Aga Khan…and I know will all be the wiser for the process.


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