Once Upon a Healty Baby… a success

While we don’t yet have the final tally on the amount raised or an exact count of donated items from the Once Upon a Child stores for our Better Indy Babies program, it is still safe to say that last Saturday’s Once Upon a Healthy Baby event was successful.

These are just a few images from ONE of the six locations that participated in the sale to benefit BIBs.  It was a full day – jam packed with savings and donations.  We first want to thank the Once Upon a Child staff, owners and managers for making the event run smoothly.  And then, we want to especially thank YOU for spreading the word, sharing stories and forwarding our emails to all of your friends and family.

This event was successful because of a lot of great people brought a great sale event and a great outreach program together.  To continue our expression of gratitude, here is a short video…
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_qVL9KJ5-o]

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