A Resolution Revolution: Musings of a Millennial

Post by Tori Kissner, Better Indy Babies/Healthy Families

People that are really very weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous impact on history.” –Dan Quayle, former United States Vice President

Every year people make their new year’s resolutions—those secret self-promises that typically have the most positive and genuine of intentions, but somehow frequently don’t make it to manifestation. This year I have chosen to avoid the tradition of a resolution and have chosen instead to see the New Year as an opportunity to have that tremendous impact on history, as Dan Quayle put it.

I’m not saying I plan to go save the world tomorrow, but I would like to have tremendous impact on someone’s personal history. That’s where I would alter Dan Quayle’s thought. As HealthNet employees, we see and take opportunities to positively impact someone’s own personal history—their individual time line. I was curious as to what the odds are for this impact to occur just within our HealthNet family. Allow me to show you the math (and let’s hope I get it right; I’m in social services, not mathematics!).

There are approximately 600 employees serving 56,600 or more patients.

600 employees x 56,600 patients = 33,960,000

This means there is potential for 33,960,000 impactful moments (mathematically speaking)!

Millions of impactful opportunities are possible this New Year; and to me, this calls for a holiday revolution. I challenge you to make your resolution about one of those millions of opportunities and make it count. Who’s with me?!

Cheers, HealthNet…to making it count!

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