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In April, HealthNet’s Homeless Initiative Program (HIP) was part of a community wide effort including the Veteran’s Administration and Indiana National Guard among many others, to have a booth and support in the way of volunteers the “Operation Hire A Hoosier Veteran Career Fair.” Many exceptional employer partners were present, including but not limited, to Eli Lilly Co., Rolls Royce, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Starwood Hotels & Resorts in actively recruiting active military, veterans and their families for open positions at their organizations.

Many employers drove from opposite ends of the state of Indiana and even as far as Chicago to speak with the local military talent as they search for their leaders of the future.  There are many reasons for seeking out talent from the active and veteran ranks of the different branches of the military.

As an employer, you are probably looking for someone who knows how to be on time, is organized and well-versed in proactive and critical thinking. Active military and Veterans, including their family members, do these things every day and it is ingrained in their routines and practices.  These men and women are a great addition to any industry team as organizations look at where and what they will become in future years.

These service members and families also are extremely well-versed in experiencing and adapting to change which as many of us know, can be extremely stressful in itself.  They offer a complex set of skills that can be incorporated into any industry and under a dynamic set of ever changing circumstances.  They have the ability to think “outside the box” for survival on the battlefield, but also for the survival of their family units. They are extremely creative while still looking at multiple different possible outcomes to move forward on the best course of action.

It is with sometimes a heavy heart that HIP represents veterans and their families at such events. In 2014, HIP served over 400 veterans and their families as they experienced homelessness and created strategies to overcome the immense challenges that they encountered. HIP is honored to work with these families and service members every day. We work with military veterans of different generations helping to provide the services and support that homeless Veterans can count on to work toward self-sufficiency.

As we come up on another Memorial Day, please take time to thank the veterans that you work with, live in your communities or that reside within your families.  They are a critical component of any healthy and vibrant community and should be thanked for the sacrifice that they put forth to provide the freedoms that we all enjoy daily.

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Post by Matt Holland, HealthNet Homeless Initiative Program 

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