Sign our Petition & Help our Health Center Colors Shine Through in Indianapolis!

Our petition drive starts TODAY!!

Did you know? Health centers throughout the nation are the health care homes for over 20 million Americans.

Did you know? There are STILL almost 60 million Americans, even those with insurance, who do NOT have access to health care.

Did you know? Health centers’ average cost runs $1 less per patient per day compared to ALL physician settings.

Please join us in advocating the need for community health center expansion.  Amidst all of the different opinions and debates regarding health care, the Health Centers program has always been something that all sides can agree on.

Health Center Advocacy

The need for SHOWING SUPPORT is always a must, and as the campaign trail heats up, then budget talks will get more specific.


By signing our petition, you will show our legislators just how important the Health Centers program is to our Indianapolis community.  The petition, located on our Facebook page, is calling our legislators to

1) Protect existing Health Center operations and increase Health Centers’ funding to the highest amount possible in fiscal year 2013 to allow health centers to serve an additional 2.5 million patients; and

2) Oppose cuts in the Medicaid program that would undermine Health Centers like ours.

Head over to our Advocacy Page on Facebook, sign the petition and share with friends and family!  Every signature counts and will help to let our health center colors shine through!

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