The End of Fiscal Year 2011 is near… 3 things you can do to start FY2012 off right

We have been seeing the budget talks in Washington going on for basically the entirety of Fiscal Year 2011, which started off with multiple Continuing Resolutions.  FY2011 was full of debates on funding cuts, and it doesn’t stop now.

The Senate agreed on a stop-gap funding bill yesterday, that if passed by the House will help keep the government funded and avoid any looming shutdown.  The reason it was able to come to this agreement was because FEMA reported that funding will not be run out until the start of FY2012 (which is October 1st).

Many programs and organizations similar to HealthNet rely heavily on government funding to serve our populations to the best of our ability.  However, the further we get into budget and appropriations, the more we are seeing funding cuts or flat funding.

When money is tight, EVERYONE has to find a way to make do.  Families are dealing with tighter budgets than ever before, individuals are dealing with less job opportunities to recover any loss in income, and organizations are rebalancing their own budgets to make sure no losses occur.

What we can do to start FY2012 off right is…

control what we can control!

Unless you are a legislator who is reading this, you cannot physically present an amendment to increase funding for Federally Qualified Health Centers, Homeless Organizations, or Organizations who help at-risk youth.

But what you CAN do are these 3 things:

  • Advocate
  • Raise Awareness
  • Donate

Advocacy is the closest we can get to writing an amendment.  We can tell legislators how important our services are to our communities and how much money is saved because of the services organizations like ours provide.

Raising awareness is letting others know how important our services are to the communities we live in.  A lot of people in Indianapolis don’t know about HealthNet or FQHCs, our Homeless Initiative Program, or our Better Indy Babies/Healthy Families programs because they don’t NEED our services.  But, I bet if our services were gone, then they would notice the effect.

Donating is the most direct way to show you give a care about our services.  Recognizing that during these tough times with budget debates and more, our communities need to support organizations that make our communities better.

Let’s start Fiscal Year 2012 off right by controlling what we can control and doing what is best for our community of Indianapolis!

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