The story of Better Indy Babies & Healthy Families: Words from our Program Director, Denise Kaspar (Part 1)

Denise Kaspar, Better Indy Babies & Healthy Families’ Program Director, wrote the following blog.  This is just part one, because as you can imagine, there is a lot to write about when you start talking about history, obstacles, and triumphs in running a successful program like BIBs/HF.  In this first half, Denise gives insight into why working for this program is more than a job and the reasons BIBs/HF came to be.

I am so incredibly proud to work with these programs and with the home visitors, supervisors and support staff.

Twenty years ago, I heard about the Better Indy Babies program getting started and thought to myself,  “this is my dream job”.   I am forever indebted to Vicki Timm, who was the Director of Community Oriented Care at HealthNet at that time, for giving me the opportunity to  serve families and children, in what I believe has been my purpose in life, besides being the mother to my daughters.

As you can see by what some of the other staff members have said, this is not just a job and a calling to many.  I was very proud when some peer reviewers visited our site several years ago and said to me, in the first few hours of a three- day visit, that they knew within a few minutes of meeting the staff that this was not just a job for them.

Better Indy Babies has been like my baby that has grown into a young adult.

Its development has not been without challenges,  but it still remains strong and extremely effective in helping improve birth outcomes.  Positive birth outcomes are foremost in the minds of our dedicated and caring team of Nurse Midwives at HealthNet.  The infant mortality rate, that was so high in the 1980s, is still a complex problem caused by a myriad of social issues still present in the neighborhoods that we serve.   I am extremely thankful that HealthNet is still proud to be able to present BIBs to our patients as an integral part of the OB patients’ care.

We tell the participants that  we come to your home to offer education and support,  because we really care about you and your family, and we really care about the health of your unborn baby.

HealthNet really does

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To learn more about Better Indy Babies & Healthy Families along with what has gone on during the BIBs/HF Takeover, click here.

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