This baby won’t stop crying! Learn what to do–and what not to do!–in that all-too-familiar situation

You can soothe your fussy baby in minutes – and help a teenage mom living in inner-city Indy learn to do the same.

You knew your baby would cry. But, did you know how frustrating that crying would be when you tried everything to comfort your baby, and she just kept crying?

Dealing with a crying baby can be very hard, and parents often don’t realize just how frustrating it is until they are in that situation. No one thinks they will shake their infant, but research shows that crying is the number one trigger leading caregivers to violently shake and injure babies.

Poverty can also be a contributing factor to shaken-baby syndrome. The stressful effects of a faltering economy, skyrocketing unemployment and precarious personal finances can be dire. People take up smoking or use alcohol to cope, they become depressed or suicidal, and they develop stress-related illnesses like heart disease. Now researchers report that the harm may be spreading to children too.

The fact is that crying—including long bouts of inconsolable crying—is normal developmental behavior in infants. The problem is not the crying, it’s how caregivers respond to it.

The “Happiest Baby on the Block” program teaches parents the mystery of colic with the discovery of a calming reflex – the incredible “off-switch” for infant crying and on switch for baby sleep that can soothe most fussy babies in minutes and add 1-3 hours to a baby’s sleep.

HealthNet Health Promotions’ certified teachers offer free classes in these techniques for low-income parents living in Indianapolis.  If you’d like to support a new mom with a “Happiest Baby” gift basket including a swaddling blanket, soothing sounds CD and helpful tips, please  consider making a donation to HealthNet Health Promotions today!

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