New Year’s Resolutions – Healthy Eating

It’s officially 2015!  After the holidays and all of the goodies and sweets we have eaten, it is normal for us to set New Year’s Resolutions which, for the majority of us, means making goals for weight loss or other issues.

Our society is becoming so fast paced that we want things to be taken care of quickly and look for instant gratification.  That’s why we all, yes, even I’m guilty of it, go through the drive thru to grab dinner on the go instead of cooking at home.  Have you seen the statics now on obesity in America?  Did you know that more than 2/3 of adult Americans are obese or overweight? Or that about a quarter of 2-5 yr. olds and one-third of school-age children (including adolescents) are overweight or obese in the U.S.?  (Ogden et al., 2014)

When I was reading these facts it was quite a shock to me.  Did you know that obesity is considered a medical illness and that it has its own set of issues that follow with it?  Why is it that we don’t take a few minutes out of our day to cook healthy meals at home?  Why is it that we are okay with eating chips or drinking 48 oz. sodas from the gas station and think that it is sufficient for us and our bodies to function properly?  It seems that we as a society have gotten away from eating our fruits and vegetables that have all the natural nutrients our bodies need on a daily basis.

I attended a conference last year that mentioned, if we just ate healthier and ate our recommended fruits and vegetables, our body would get the necessary dopamine and serotonin naturally that we are looking for in medicines now.  I’ve read numerous articles talking about the unhealthy effects of processed foods on us and our immune system.

So I ask you, is it really worth it to you and your family’s wellness and well-being to go through the drive-thru consistently?  Is it worth adding to or creating medical issues?  What we put into our body affects our moods and irritability.  What we do or do not put into our body also affects our overall well-being and how we function.  If we don’t get the essential vitamins, nutrients and proteins we need, it kurplunks, like a car when it doesn’t get its regular oil changes, tune ups, and gas.

So remember, this year as our New Year’s resolution, let’s all try to eat healthier meals!

For more information on a healthy diet, call your HealthNet health center and ask to make a FREE appointment with our dietician, Karen Gough.

Post by Bhumi Bhavsar


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