6 tips to get through the fair without packing on the pounds

The fair is finally here and so are the thousands of calories that come along with it! From fried Oreos to cotton candy and corn dogs to pizza, it’s easy to indulge in some not-so-healthy treats and leave your stomach feeling sick. So before you head to the fair, read these six simple tips below to help keep off the pounds!

  1. Eat before you go. Think of it like a grocery store. If you go to the grocery store when you’re hungry, you are more likely to buy things you don’t really need. Eat before you go to the state fair so you aren’t hungry when you get there.
  2. Carry a water bottle with you.  Drinking water helps make you feel full, which can help stop the temptation of that delicious corn dog.
  3. Wear comfortable walking shoes. We know it is almost impossible to go to the fair and NOT indulge in at least one of your favorite fair food items, so why not start burning the calories right away! Wear comfortable walking shoes and walk around the fair while you eat. This helps burn calories and keep you moving!
  4. Plan ahead. If you know there’s no way you can resist that elephant ear, plan it in your calories for that day. Plan your meals so that you aren’t going over your daily recommended amount of calories.
  5. Know what’s in it! A Lemon shake up is made with lemons, so that means its healthy right? Wrong! The average lemon shake up contains over 250 calories per serving. The same goes for caramel apples which contain about 360 calories each.
  6.  Share with someone else. It’s really easy to eat that entire giant turkey leg (containing about 1,136 calories) by yourself, but most fair foods are made for two. Grab a friend and split it. Not only will you save calories, but money too!

So just how many calories are in those favorite fair foods of yours? Find out below!

Fried Snickers (5 oz.):             444 calories and 29 grams (g) fat

Fried Twinkie (2 oz.):             420 calories/34 g fat

Funnel cake (1):                      760 calories/44 g fat

Cotton candy:                          171 calories/0 fat

Foot-long hot dog:                   470 calories/26 g fat

Giant turkey leg:                     1,136 calories/54 g fat
*According to calorieking.com

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