Kids Not as Excited to Go Back to School as You Are?

Post by Bhumi Bhavsar

Yes, it’s that time of year again; the kids are going back to school – which means shopping for clothes, shoes, school supplies- the whole works!!  You’re excited and others are excited, however you notice that your child doesn’t seem excited; rather their behavior seems to have taken a change for the worse.  If so, there are probably some valid reasons for the changes. I think sometimes we as parents tend to misconstrue the behaviors and don’t see that the child is asking for help. There may be something about school or going to school that they don’t like or that makes them scared to go.

With all the technological advances in our world today, I think we tend to miss some of the obvious changes that take place in our children’s’ behaviors or lives, as we are more focused on playing that game on our new iPhone, tweeting someone back, or too focused on our Kindle or iPad.

If you do notice changes in your kids’ behaviors, take a few moments to really sit down and ask them what is going on.  Some of you may be thinking, ‘duh that sounds obvious’, however you can’t imagine the number of parents that are unable to or don’t do that. 

You may discover that your child or children do not want to go to school because they are scared the bullying will start over again – whether on the bus or at school.  Bullying is a huge issue that goes on today and it really does impact kids in a negative way.  They may be scared of being around all those kids again in a small space and feeling like they cannot escape or get out.  Or they may feel like they are not good enough or smart enough and may feel intimidated by their friends or other students.

Whatever the case may be, please take a few minutes to ask your children about what is going on and how they feel about going back to school.  If they are concerned about the above issues, make a plan with them so they know they can come talk to you about what is going on at school.  Let them know that you want them to be successful and you are willing to be there to help them with that.  Sometimes it is hard for kids to openly communicate with their parents/guardians for fear of their parents/guardians’ response or not wanting to disappoint them.  If that is the case, check out the nearest HealthNet Clinic near your area and make an appointment with a therapist, so your child does have someone he or she can talk to and does not feel like he or she has to battle their fears, concerns, stressors, etc alone.

For more information about our behavioral health services, please contact your HealthNet center or call 317-957-2200 x 6009.


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