Bowling for Dollars: Give a Care about Employment for Homeless Individuals with Disabilities

Our blog posts from last week gave some background information on the Hospitality Certification Program (HCP) and a first-person view on how it can help homeless individuals who are also facing challenges because of disabilities.

In both posts as well, we mentioned that funding for the program ends on September 30th.  There is one week until our 100-Frame Bowling Marathon, and we have yet to receive 10% of our fundraising goal.

photo by DJ-Dwayne

Total Raised: $2338.33

Total Goal Amount: $30,000


Money raised will go toward three areas to help the HCP continue to serve homeless individuals who have one more barrier keeping them from becoming employed.  The three areas are:

  • Support – structured environment, clothing, food, medical treatment, hygiene products, etc.
  • Training – aimed at gaining sustainable employment
  • Tools – skills to help them continue to make positive choices leading them to become self-sufficient

 Help us knock down 10 pins at a time!

A $10 donation to sponsor our HIP team at next week’s 100-Frame Bowling Marathon can go a long way to knocking down barriers.  You can help us strike out homelessness by helping the Hospitality Certification Program continue to provide support, training, and tools for homeless individuals with disabilities seeking to gain employment as the first step to becoming self-sufficient!

Your support will go along way!

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