URGENT: Help Strike Out Homelessness! One Pin at a Time

One penny per pin = 10 cents per frame =

$10 for the Hospitality Certification Program.


Here are 10 Reasons to give $10 to help homeless individuals with disabilities gain employment:

10. Most homeless individuals with disabilities are veterans – a great way to remember the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.

9. Employment is a huge step toward gaining housing – your $10 will go to staff to properly train individuals in job search skills.

8. It takes 3 clicks!

7. There are MANY individuals who will benefit – the Homeless Initiative Program serves over 3,200 men, women, and children per year.

6. A lot of times all these people need is ONE person – that one person to show support can give them the courage to push through these barriers.

5. It takes 3 clicks!

4.  You will be a part of a group who gives a care – 57 sponsors have shown their support already!

3. It will get us to our goal by deadline – those 57 have gotten us to $2746.33!  The marathon is Wednesday September 14th!

2. It takes 3 clicks!

1. Federal funding will be wiped away for this program on September 30th! You can be a part of the solution to help this program continue providing quality service to those who need it most!


To learn more about the Hospitality Certification Program you can read any of our three previous posts – here, here and here.

We appreciate your support for our Homeless Initiative Program and one important piece of it – the Hospitality Certification Program!

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