CALL TO ACTION!! Time to talk to our Senators!

Almost a month ago, we asked you to contact your U.S. Representative to submit a programmatic request supporting the Community Health Centers Program.

Today, we’re in the midst of the same process, only we are switching to the other side of Capitol Hill.  The deadline for SENATORS to submit a programmatic request is THIS FRIDAY, June 10th.  But, there is also an easier way for Indiana Senators Lugar and Coats to show support without submitting a request.

photo by Ewan McGregor

Senator Stabenow (D-MI) and Senator Boozman (R-AR) worked together to come up with a document just like their House counterparts Bilirakis (R-FL) and Pallone (D-NJ) did a couple weeks ago.  A ‘Dear Colleague’ letter is available for Senators to co-sign by the end of the business day tomorrow!!

Ideally, full Indiana support for the Health Centers Program would be for Sen. Lugar and Sen. Coats to co-sign the Stabenow-Boozman letter AND submit their own programmatic requests.

HealthNet and other Indiana community health centers have always shown great numbers for advocacy, and these next few weeks are critical for ramping up efforts for our FY2012 funding, particularly after the dramatic cuts we received earlier this year.  Call, email, and fax a letter to each of these Senators to let them know how many patients (voters) they will be helping by showing support for our Health Centers Program!

In order to sign on to the ‘Dear Colleague’ letter, Republican Senators can contact Kathee Facchiano in Sen. Boozman’s office at 202-224-4843 and Democrat Senators may contact Alex Sheff in Sen. Stabenow’s office at 202-224-4822.

Take action today, and help your health center’s patients receive great care while also saving the state health care system money!!

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