Self Care for Spring!

Post by Bhumi Bhavsar

Spring is in the air and aren’t we all excited!! After such an intensive winter we had this past year,  you may have noticed your mood, or moods of friends, family or children have changed as well.  Believe it or not, the weather can have an affect on our moods and behaviors as well.  So take the opportunity to use this awesome season to bring in and cultivate new behaviors and feelings. 

Being a big believer in self care, I encourage you to take this time of year to do just that.  Take the opportunity to take a walk outside in the evenings – to enjoy the sun, wind, birds, budding flowers, trees, and all the other fun stuff that mother nature has to offer.  Doing such helps us to focus on things outside of our lives and helps provide a sense of release.  Experience or explore something different for yourself and your family, to shake off the monotony of life.  If we take a few minutes to work on change for ourselves, then only will that bring about change in our life circumstances or ways we react to those life circumstances.  Remember, we cannot change others or their behaviors, the only people we have control over for change is ourselves.  

It is also important to make sure we are eating regular meals and snacks.  Sometimes we get so busy with life, that we forget to take a few minutes to be kind to ourselves and skip meals.  Do you expect your car to run properly if you haven’t filled the gas tank or completed routine oil changes?  No, probably not.  Then why would you expect your body to continue working if you don’t give it the basic things to function?  Did you know that eating fruits and vegetables has the natural dopamine and serotonin levels that our bodies need?

Another great piece of self care is sleep.  Our bodies and mind do need rest for it to function properly as well.  Take the time to get the rest that you need, otherwise we are easily irritated, agitated, frustrated, etc. With season of change and new things coming around us, take the time to focus on yourself and be kind to yourself, and you may be surprised what you notice after you do just that. 

If you are facing challenges that are stopping you from taking time for self care, contact a HealthNet location near you to make an appointment with a Behavioral Health Provider. For more information, please visit

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