One Way to Help Your Family Thrive TODAY

Post by Bhumi Bhavsar

Things really have changed as time has progressed.

Nowadays, it is becoming more common to talk about problems, issues, concerns, etc.  In the “good old days” you would never hear of people talking outside of their home about their issues.

Does that mean that those issues did not exist back then?  No, I think some of the issues still existed, however they were covered up very well by distractions.

You may ask yourself “what is she talking about?”  In a day and age currently with such technological advancement, I think sometimes we overlook one of the most major, yet simple task of communication.

I hear a lot of times in session, whether it is working with children, adolescents, couples, or adults – that they do not feel like they are heard or they do not feel like their feelings are taken into account.

We can get so wrapped up into our own feelings, thoughts, desires, wants, etc, that sometimes it becomes hard for us to actually hear what the people around us are actually saying.

Have you ever talked to someone about your true feelings and then feel like they did not even care or felt like what you had to say was discounted?  I think that is becoming more and more of a norm nowadays.  I think one of the main pieces of helping families thrive and do better is to engage in true communication.

What does communication mean?  It means conveying information and messages to someone else and accepting what they have to say.  Now accepting does not mean you agree with what they are saying. It just means you hear what they are saying and are trying to understand things from their perspective.

If you take just a few minutes TODAY to communicate your true feelings, concerns, etc. then that will begin to work on building a closer relationship within your family and it will also start to decrease any negative assumptions that also have been created.

Try it — Be intentional about your family conversations today!


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