Helping Families Thrive!

At HealthNet, we are all for healthy living! And, we believe it begins at home.

The relationship between parent and child can be the primary source of health in a young person’s life — and a powerful motivator for adults to build more health into their own lives. That’s why we’ve chosen “Helping Families Thrive” for this month’s theme.

For more than 44 years, HealthNet’s caregivers have helped families throughout Indianapolis and central Indiana thrive by building healthier lifestyle habits. We know that small steps lead to big changes. With a balanced approach, even the busiest families can discover ways to eat healthier, live well and feel better.

Throughout October, we’ll offer resources, tips and tools to support parents and families in their efforts to practice the art and science of healthy living. From kid-friendly nutrition, safety and exercise tips, to educational play ideas, to how to give moms-to-be and babies a healthy start, to nurturing strong parent-child relationships, our doctors, therapists, social workers, midwives, nurses and outreach staff have lots of practical tips to share!
We invite you to join the growing community of parents and kids who are working and playing their way toward a healthier tomorrow!

How you can directly help…

If you remember nothing else, please let it be that HealthNet very much needs your help! In order to expand our reach, we need support from people like you who crave to help their community.

If you like what you read in October, we are asking that you please consider forwarding these messages, links, tweets and Facebook posts to friends, family members, and work colleagues. By providing a little education and an easy way to get involved, we believe we can bring new awareness to our cause — especially with your encouragement!

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