Making a House a Home

Post by Bhumi Bhavsar

When you think of a “home” what comes to mind? 

Some words that come to mind for me are stability… consistency… safety… love… support… communication…and care. Home is where one can go to feel all of those things, and then some.

What do you think is the difference between a home and a house?  When I think of a house, the only thing that comes to mind is the structural part of the building – walls, ceiling, dry wall, floors, etc. However, with the above mentioned qualities, a house can definitely be turned into a home.

What goes on inside the home is more important than what the home looks like on the outside.  If you have a great huge house with a long drive, gated entry way, big garden, marble, ceramic, and tile floors/countertops but the people living there do not feel loved, cared or supported by each other, then what would that be like? Compare that with an average home or apartment with the minimum needs inside, however everyone gets along with each other and there is care, support, love, honesty, communication, etc.  — what would that be like? I think the latter of the two would be my preference every time.

When one goes home, one should feel safe entering one’s sanctuary, and that it provides the comfort and love needed. That is something that HealthNet provides to our patients. We create an environment of homeyness. We are a place where patients feel like they are cared for and someone listens to their needs. They feel trusted and safe.

We have patients that have been patients with us for so long, that their kids are seeing the same pediatrician they saw when they were younger.  Patients will come in and talk about not wanting to go to any other place for their health care services because of the level of care, support, love, consistency, and safety they feel and experience when they walk through our doors. Our patients feel so safe with our clinics and staff, that they will tell them things they do not feel comfortable telling other members of their family. 

The unfortunate or fortunate thing is that we – HealthNet – are the only ones in some of our patients’ lives that provide consistency, care, support, safety, etc., as they do not receive that at home or from family members.

As a health care “home,” it is our privilege to walk with the families we serve each day as they seek to live healthier lives!


What’s one thing you can do today to make your home a healthier place to live? Tell us!

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