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Post by Laurie Chavez

For so many of our families, home is a variable concept.  In other words, transience, insecurity, uncertainty and poverty often get in the way of the dream to have a physical grounding place to call their own. 

But, amazingly, each family I have served over the years has defined home in their own unique way.  It seems to me that the old turn of phrase “…home is where the heart is” is more than applicable, both for our families, and our staff here at HealthNet.

As a home visitor through Healthy Families, and now in my new coordinator role, I have witnessed and experienced about every definition of home imaginable.  From small, tidy doubles and mobile homes to large, stately homes with all the furnishings, our families reside in many different structures, all or none of which may be home. 

Home, to a HealthNet patient, is where they feel valued; where deep understanding and empathy meets motivation and forward-thinking.  Home is progressive and capable, and a place that is a respite from the world. 

I think in most of us, home is our friends, our families and our co-workers.  For me, home is where I go after work to be with my family, but it has also become where I work.  After over 6 years at HealthNet, in varying roles, I know that I am welcome here, needed here, valued here.  I am part of a family that provides each member with understanding, compassion, strength and sustenance. 

But, more importantly, my HealthNet family provides those same tenets to those in our community who have no other source for these incredibly important gifts.  At HealthNet, we welcome our patients into our “home,” gather them in our arms, and let them know that they have a family they can count on.  As we explore ways to connect our families with a Primary Care Home, we must keep in mind that when they come to us, they have already found a family; they just need a role in order to make us their home.


Do you have a health care “home” for your family? What makes it “home” to you?

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