Community Health Centers – More than just doctors and nurses

The holidays always call for the same mix – great food, great company, and great family all in one place celebrating.

HealthNet provides great company and great family (and sometimes great food) to all of our patients that we serve.  Specifically during the holidays, many of our Health Centers provide an atmosphere to celebrate.

  • The holiday spirit is spread throughout the Barrington Health Center when families participate in the Toys for Tots program.  Families in need come by two weeks before Christmas and receive toys from our social workers to provide their children a loving and fun Christmas.
  • Our Martindale-Brightwood Health & Dental Center partnered with our People’s Health Center to provide a holiday party for their patients.  The sense of community brings the great company and the great family aspect of the holiday celebration.
  • Southeast Health & Dental Center also brings SANTA to the kids at their holiday party.

These are just quick examples about how health care is much more than just check-ups and prescriptions.  Federally Qualified Health Centers are a sense of pride in each of their neighborhoods.  It is a place to gather.  It is a place to receive care.  And, it is a place to provide care to others.

To learn more about what our health centers do for their neighborhoods visit our website.  Do you have ideas on involving the neighborhood centers in more ways than just the holiday season?  Comment below.

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