Don’t vote in the Presidential Primary? Do it for your health center.

It’s already known that just over 90 million people voted in the 2010 November elections.  While 90 million may look like a lot, that’s still only 1/3 of our population.

So you are registered to vote, but let’s add some barriers – Limited access to a car, just moved, and you have a million other things to worry about in May.  The Indy 500 is coming up.  You are training for the mini-marathon.  Your kids are getting done with school.  Okay, elections are furthest from your mind…

And May 8th? A Tuesday?

And it is only to vote for the Republican Candidate?

You are now thinking – “Come on! I can sit this one out. No big deal!”

But what if you thought about it this way?

Legislators like to keep their jobs.  Hopefully it is because they like to lead our country in a positive direction.  BUT! It is true that everyone likes job security.

Well if a legislator likes to keep his/her job, then they need to gain votes.  At least enough votes to beat the other candidate that they are running against.  So, if a legislator is in office, but they are thinking about the future and getting more votes, then how are they going to do that?

They are probably going to serve the wants and needs of the people who have already voted, first.  So, if you DON’T vote, then will that legislator listen to what you have to say?

scream and shout

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This is one way that I think about the need for everyone to vote.  Plenty of different people have different reasons to vote.  But what is stated above has always made sense to me on the reason to vote.

You may not feel as if your voice is being heard during elections, but when it comes down to advocating for a cause, specifically funding for the Health Centers program and Medicaid, being a voter MAKES your voice heard.  Legislators pay attention to those who are going to polls, sending in absentee ballots and have the potential to swing elections.


MAY 8TH is the Indiana Presidential Primary.  If you are not registered to vote, it is just a little too late.  But, don’t get discouraged, if you register to vote now, then you will be good to go once November gets here!

Another way to get your voice heard?  Signing our petition to support health centers and Medicaid!

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