Well April 15th fell on a weekend this year, which made it a little weird to see April 17th as the tax deadline.  But, either way, did you get all your taxes done, in, and on time??

If, yes, then good for you!

Tax Day

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Doing taxes is one of the two guaranteed things that happen in life.  You can’t avoid paying taxes (well at least you can’t avoid it forever).

We want to celebrate Tax Day by thanking all of you who donated to our organization this past year!  Without your support we couldn’t…

1. Provide home visitation services to mothers and at-risk families to promote healthy pregnancies, healthy mothers and healthy children!

2. Assist those in need as they move from homelessness into housing, employment and self-sufficiency.

3. Improve lives with compassionate health care and support services, regardless of ability to pay.

Within the theme of the day, all donations to HealthNet, Inc. are tax-deductible.  The process that we go through as an organization when we receive a donation is to provide you with a receipt that can be used when itemizing your charitable gifts.

When we receive a donation online, through the mail, or in-person, our goal is to get a thank you note written, obtain the proper signatures, and have it in the mail within 48 hours of receiving the gift.

Not only is a charitable donation a great gift to provide for an organization that sees more than 51,500 clients in a year, but it is also a very savvy economic move to be able to deduct that gift amount from your taxable income.

Learn how you can help support one of our programs while making a savvy economic choice!

Happy Tax Day!

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