The Energy of Partnership – International Coaching Week

Post by Ken Burger

What strikes me as I think about my experience working in a partnership arrangement, like the Indianapolis ICF and HealthNet have entered into, is the increased pool of energy that is almost immediately created. From the moment I got wind of a possible partnership opportunity I felt energy from just the idea of it.

This phenomenon, having caught my attention, makes me curious about why it is producing energy for me.

One thought comes to mind. Isn’t it intrinsically satisfying to just be helpful or to be helped? Its kind of what we say to someone when we partner up, “We can help each other.” Even a heartfelt gesture of simply shaking hands in agreement can muster increased energy.

Thinking of the equation, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and the idea of symbiosis also reinforces the idea that increased energy is an understandable result of a partnership. 

When someone responds to you in a way that says, “I trust you enough to work with you” isn’t that another shot of energy?  And there is the idea of providing a service to one another, of giving that energizes. Having an outlet for your energy to plug into, to be of value to someone, to know that a little bit of help means a lot and goes a long way; all these are very energizing.

Entering into a partnership should provide an avenue to bring value, to do that thing that you do, to let people know you’re out there.  A list of benefits for both parties would be extensive and eye-opening.

I certainly have a deeper sense of awareness and appreciation for the many positives resulting from a good partnership. That could go on the list.  As for me, it’s definitely been about the energy.


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